Hemp Clothing Wholesale

5 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love Hemp Clothing

Want your business to stand out from the competition without sacrificing quality? Hemp blended clothing could be the solution. Our durable and long-lasting garments offer a unique way to showcase your brand and business. We’ve rounded up the top reasons why our customers choose hemp clothing wholesale. 

1. High Quality Material

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest and stiffest natural fibers around! When blended with recycled poly they create an article of clothing that is tough, durable, and long lasting. Your customers will be able to wear their hemp t-shirts or hemp hoodies everywhere no matter the activity. Think of the untapped marketing potential there!

2. Cozy AF 

Our customers overwhelmingly agree that our unique blend of hemp and recycled poly is incredibly soft to the touch, breathable, and gets cozier with wear. Our hemp clothing blends also have some really cool natural scientific properties that increase the wearer’s comfort, such as: effectively insulating your body heat, preventing drafts, and quickly wicking away moisture and sweat from the skin. Be warned: Your customers may never want to take off their hemp t-shirts or hemp hoodies!

3. Modern Cuts/Designs

When you mention hemp clothing, most people get the visual of something scratchy, baggy, and straight out of a 1970’s music festival. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that iconic imagery, we know that many customers are looking to invest in fashions and designs that are current and on-trend. At TOASTY HEMP CO we work closely with our manufacturers to create unisex designs that are fashion forward. Browse our collection here.

4. An Alternative Long-Lasting Fabric

Hemp clothing production is a slow process, but well worth the wait. From the farm to your hand, there are many steps and details that go into creating your favorite hemp t-shirt and hemp hoodie. Hemp clothing can be enjoyed for years and even be considered an investment piece.

A recent study noted that 67% of consumers consider the use of sustainable materials an important purchasing factor. Our hemp garments are blended with recycled poly fibers. Recycled poly fibers are made from plastic wastes (ex: plastic bottles). These plastic wastes are transformed and spun into a fiber that can be weaved into clothing. 

5. Growing Hemp Is A Good Thing

TOASTY HEMP clothing is made from hemp fibers that have a number of environmental and industrial benefits. Hemp is a team player when it comes to giving back to the earth. It enhances soil health and helps other crops grow by suppressing weeds. Hemp requires less land, less water, and does not need any pesticides or insecticides during growth as compared to traditionally grown cotton. Recently, there’s been an abundance of exciting research supporting the use of hemp in other items outside of textiles. Hemp plants can provide industrial solutions in the paper industry, provide strong insulation and building materials, alternatives for composites and plastics, animal nutrition, food and beverages, cosmetics and hygiene, and energy production. 

Screen Printing On Hemp T-Shirts or Hoodies

Thinking about screen printing on hemp clothes? Don’t worry we have you covered there too. As a small business, we understand the importance of logos and branding. TOASTY HEMP CO is equipped and ready to add your artwork to our blanks. 

Bulk Blank Hemp Shirts Wholesale

Getting ready to launch your own brand? TOASTY HEMP CO's high quality blanks make the perfect canvas. We offer wholesale hemp blank t-shirts and hemp hoodies at an affordable price point so you can continue to support and showcase your preferred vendors and artists. 

Reach Out!

TOASTY HEMP CO is eager to meet your unique business needs. Reach out to us at support@toastyhempco.com to learn more about our services and custom hemp wholesale options.