About Us

TOASTY HEMP CO was founded by two hemp curious entrepreneurs from the fashion industry.

After purchasing a hemp blended hoodie in 2020 the pair was astonished by its extreme comfort and strength. They noticed that they were no longer wearing other hoodies and became perplexed by the material. They set out on a quest to learn everything they could about hemp fibers and garment production. They found multiple studies supporting the durability of the material and to their surprise learned that hemp fiber cultivation had many environmental benefits.

However, there was one glaring issue. The pair noticed that hemp clothing prices were typically very high and production was virtually non-existent in the US market (more on that here and here). They knew that this had to change. By using established international connections and relationships the founders were able to develop TOASTY HEMP CO with the mission of providing an affordable option for likeminded and hemp curious customers. 

TOASTY HEMP CO is committed to getting hemp clothing to as many people as possible. We are obsessed with the quality of material and believe that hemp clothing should be in everyone's closet. We invite you to try some of our products and get toasty with us!