About Us

TOASTY HEMP CO. was founded by Ryan & Suzy, a husband and wife team of hemp curious entrepreneurs.

While experimenting with an apparel project they received a sample hoodie made from a hemp blend in 2020. Ryan wore the hoody out one chilly October night and was astonished by the toasty feeling the hoodie provided – it was warm without feeling stuffy, and it even helped block the wind.

Several hemp sample pieces later they noticed that they were no longer wearing – or had the desire to wear – almost anything else in their closets.

It was the beginning of an obsession with hemp textiles.

The more they learned about hemp, the more convinced they became that the company's mission needed to be dedicated to bringing hemp clothing into the mainstream. 

They set out on a quest to learn everything they could about hemp fibers and garment production. They found multiple studies supporting the durability of the material and all of the amazing benefits associated with hemp fiber cultivation.

However, there was one glaring issue: hemp clothing prices were typically high, and production was virtually non-existent in the USA market.

So they've devoted their lives to changing the status quo and making hemp accessible to all, and it hasn't been without its challenges! 

TOASTY is constantly seeking out new and innovative blends of hemp textiles from across the world. From their unique hemp/recycled poly blend, to hemp/organic cotton blends, to engineering completely new materials, nothing is off the table.

Suzy has even taken to cultivation herself, albeit not quite on an industrial scale – yet.

TOASTY HEMP CO. is committed to getting quality, accessibly priced hemp clothing to as many people as possible.

We are obsessed with the quality of material and we believe that hemp clothing should be affordable enough to have a home in everyone's closet.

While hemp feels luxurious, our mission is to not price or brand it that way.

Our mascot is Toasty and his pal The Toast Tee. He embodies the laid back nature of our industry, and is welcoming to all. We haven't yet decided if he has hands. 

Every hemp tee we get into a new customer's hands will begin a new journey of obsession with this high quality and eco-friendly super materiel. And it gets us closer to being able to source and produce hemp textiles here in the USA. 

And we're making progress!

We debuted our collection at the Impressions Expo 2023 Atlantic City to an incredibly warm reception. Far more than just a curiosity, hemp apparel is a genuine interest to the industry, and we're incredibly thankful to be among those getting the word out about it!

We invite you to try some of our products and experience what TOASTY really means with us – and we always welcome you dropping us a line to let us know what you think!

Our very best,

Ryan & Suzy