Why Is My Hemp Blend T-Shirt Better Than My 100% Cotton Tee?

Why Is My Hemp Blend T-Shirt Better Than My 100% Cotton Tee?

Have you worn your TOASTY hemp blended t-shirt yet? 

If yes, then we want to confirm something important: you aren't imagining it. Hemp tees actually do feel different than your traditional cotton tees! 

Well, why is that? 

It has to do with the fibers that are woven into the fabric. Our shirts at TOASTY HEMP CO give customers next level strength and softness by combining hemp and recycled poly fibers!  

Hemp fibers are incredibly strong when compared to other natural fibers. You’ll notice that 100% cotton shirts might initially start off softer, but they quickly break down and lose shape with repeated washings. You'll be pleasantly surprised that this isn't the case with your TOASTY tees!

About that different – i.e. better! – feeling: 

The hemp and recycled poly fibers in our shirts help move body heat away from your body to the outer side of the clothing, making your TOASTY HEMP CO hemp t-shirt ideal for warm summer weather.

And there's more to that great feel...

Hemp and recycled poly are both well known for their ability to efficiently manage liquid moisture, meaning your TOASTY hemp tee shirts are amazing at wicking away sweat and quickly drying, even on the most humid of days! 

Have you tried your hemp blend TOASTY t-shirt in a sweaty place? We'd love to hear what you think! 

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