Why The Hemp Hoodie Is The New King!

Why The Hemp Hoodie Is The New King!

Have you ever worn a hemp hoodie? It’s easily the coziest, most comfortable article of clothing in your closet – that's at least our strongly biased opinion!

We are sure you have questions, like: 

  • How is this possible? 
  • Why am I neglecting my go-to cotton hoodie? 
  • What magic is this hemp hoodie made with? 

Incredible durability:

The TOASTY hemp hoodie is constructed with a 55% recycled poly / 45% hemp fiber blend. These hemp fibers are very strong on their own, but when combined with recycled poly they become even stronger and more durable – meaning that this hoodie meant to be worn!

And of course, there's a mind-blowing twist: this blend of incredibly robust hemp fibers will only get softer with wear. 

And about that "coziness" we keep mentioning:

Our hoodies do some interesting things when it comes to regulating your body temperature – we actually came up with the name TOASTY based on how our hoodies feel!

While the hemp and recycled poly fibers each have their own unique strengths, together they create a high rate of thermal insulation with little air permeability, i.e. they can keep you warmer than cotton alone, while also not feeling "stuffy". 

How about sweat?

The hemp and recycled poly fibers blended into our TOASTY hoodie also work hard to manage your sweat. They effectively transmit your sweat from your skin to the outer layer of your clothing and prepare it for quicker environmental absorption – this blend is exceptional when it comes to sweat wicking!

Think the TOASTY hemp hoodie sounds too good to be true? You’ll only know once you put one on!

Have an experience to share about our hoodies? Drop us a line and let us know what you think! 

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