How to Care for Hemp Clothing!

How to Care for Hemp Clothing!

Welcome to owning an article of hemp blended clothing!

Are you already in a torrid love affair with our fabric? Maybe having a hard time taking it off? We completely understand! And technically that’s OK, since hemp has natural properties that make it resistant to mold and bacteria. Lest we digress...

When the time comes to finally wash your hemp blended clothing, you might have some questions, so we've put together some helpful tips: 

  • Hemp blends have a tendency to shrink after the first wash / dry. To help preserve the original size of the garment machine wash it in cool water with like colors and hang dry. 
  • If you're OK with a little shrinkage, hemp clothing can be tumble dried on – ideally – low heat. Once the initial shrinkage has occurred (this could be up to a half inch in length) the garment typically will not shrink again with future wash cycles.
  • If you are line drying: 
    • Direct sunlight may cause fading of some colors.
    • Heavier hemp blend fabrics could stretch – but this could be resolved with further wash/drying. 
  • Hemp blends may react differently to detergents & additives than other fabrics. We do not recommend using fabric softener, bleach, or other chemical enzyme cleaners. 
  • All hemp fabrics – as with most other fabrics – have the potential to "pill" (i.e. forming small balls of fluff) when in contact with something abrasive. You might not care, or even notice pilling, but if you do, you can minimize pilling by hand washing, line drying, or using the gentle cycles on machine washers with other similarly soft articles.

Hopefully these tips help you keep your hemp clothing in tip top shape! If we've missed anything, or you have additional questions, feel free to drop us a line!

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