Hemp In Fashion: Sustainable AND High Quality

Hemp In Fashion: Sustainable AND High Quality

Most big fashion companies are focused on short production times – leading to questionable quality – and making fast sales.

This fast fashion model of rapidly releasing trendy items at low cost is very taxing on the environment, as textile production consumes vast quantities of water and raw materials.

What if there was a material that was environmentally conscious and could be combined with existing options to create something that has less of a footprint?! There is: it's hemp!

A recent study conducted by Duque, Pazour, and Pequito, found that:

  • "With hemp fiber, the current garment industry’s demand can be satisfied by using only â…“ of the land cotton uses to produce the same fiber" (Duque, 2020).
  • Hemp fiber cultivation requires 2.5 less water than cotton
  • Hemp fiber cultivation requires no pesticides or insecticides.
  • Hemp fiber production is economically competitive to cotton. It costs about (on average) 77.63% less than cotton fiber. 

This is good news for the textile industry. It’s also good news for you!

In fact, 67% consumers participating in a survey expect brands to produce sustainable apparel and to mitigate environmental impact. Hemp fibers can even be combined with a variety of other fibers to create a diverse range of fabrics for clothing, apparel, and accessories.

At TOASTY HEMP CO, we are obsessed with hemp and all of its potential – and we want you to be as well! 

Considered "slow fashion", hemp has the power to bring sustainability to the fashion industry without sacrificing quality – in fact, the robust properties of hemp improves the quality & durability of garments!

We're constantly dreaming up new uses for hemp with our growing product line! Have any ideas or a product you'd like to see? Shoot us a note and we'll see what we can do!

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