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Trim Fit Sport Hemp Tee - Yellow Gold (SS22)

Trim Fit Sport Hemp Tee - Yellow Gold (SS22)

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Our TOASTY Trim Fit Sport Hemp Tee is our most flattering and athletic unisex cut. Fitted sleeves hit slightly higher on the arm, with a slightly longer straight body. 

Our unique blend of hemp & recycled poly is soft, lightweight and incredibly durable – keeping its shape and perfectly cut neckline wear after wear.

  • 200GSM textile weight jersey knit
  • 45% Hemp / 55% Recycled Poly blend
  • Excellent breathability and moisture wicking.
  • Keeps you toasty in the winter, and cool & dry in the summer.
  • Short sleeves and ribbed neck.
  • Double-stitched sleeves & waist.
    • You prefer a more relaxed fit in the arms and torso.
    • If you plan to tumble dry on on heat – hemp can shrink up to 8% (1/2 inch vertically) the first time it's dried on heat. 


    The TOASTY Gateway Tee is made from a soft yet strong blend of 55% Recycled Poly, and 45% Hemp.

    For more information on these materials check out our FAQs!


    The TOASTY Gateway Tee is a slightly boxy, unisex fit tee.

    For a roomier fit – and to account for possible shrinkage – we suggest sizing up.

    Size Dimensions (inches):
    XS: 27" Length, 17.5" Chest
    S: 27" Length, 18.5" Chest
    M: 28" Length, 21" Chest
    L: 29.5" Length, 22.5" Chest
    XL: 30.5" Length, 24.5" Chest
    XXL: 31.5" Length, 27" Chest
    XXXL: 32.5" Length, 28" Chest

    Care Instructions

    Hemp clothing will last an incredibly long time with proper care!

    We recommend machine washing in cool water with like colors, and avoiding the use of fabric softener, bleach, or chemical enzyme cleaners. See our FAQ for more detailed care information.

    Some useful info about hemp clothing care:

    If dried on heat, hemp clothing may shrink up to 8%. To preserve size we recommend air drying.

    Alternatively, you can size up to account for shrink – especially if you prefer a roomier fit!

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